Dress Stress

Finding a dress is simple… you would think but not for Kerri. It only took three sets of eyes, an hour and a half of our Friday night, a lot of cheesy jokes and a bunch of old warehouse pop-up shops… We had originally planned to check out the auction at Red River for Kerri to expand on her graphic art portfolio however, we completely missed that opportunity. Instead, we walked around the exchange and looked for dresses. We were three shops in and quickly losing hope of finding Kerri’s convocation dress. With one pop-up shop to go we made our way down the street, into the warehouse and up the creaky stairs, only to stumble across the most beautiful vintage dress store. We spent a good half an hour pulling dresses off racks and bringing them to Kerri. She ran to us with arms full of dresses, at least ten… historically crying and in a panic because none of them fit. This was our moment, Thea and I frantically ran around searching endlessly for the right dress but all we had come up with was a mannequins lost arm and bad jokes about “lending a helping hand”. In this moment of time we had completely lost track of where Kerri had gone, only to see her return with five more dresses. It was the final round of running back and forth to the dressing room and you could tell the tension was in the air. One dress… two dress… three dress… four…. None have fit furthermore. With roughly 14 down and one to go….. We had stumbled upon the one. It was a perfect fit! And to think… it only took three sets of eyes, an hour and a half of our Friday night, a lot of cheesy jokes and a bunch of old warehouse pop-up shops.


I wish I had a better title

Last week the pro-pals and I had planned a class excursion to the Forks. It was entertaining to say the least. As we first arrived Friday morning we split into two groups.
Just over half of us went skating the rest ventured around the Johnston terminal.  I was in the group that didn’t go skating, however we still managed to have a ton of fun. We started off the morning at Espresso Junction ordering drinks to take a couple cool Instagram photos of and looking around at the small shops on the main floor. later on in the morning our small group ventured up to the second floor, only to find the biggest collection of TY stuffed animals we have ever seen in our entire life, at first we didn’t even think to acknowledge something so small… and then someone mentioned they had birthdays. Needless to say we spent over an hour trying to find one of our birthdays on a stuffy, but we did learn each others birthdays pretty quickly. I think that was the most memorable experience for me while we were at the Forks.img_1857